You have the entire weekend ahead of you, but no plans? Our guide has got you covered with a little bit of history, but some very interesting spots to visit. 

The Old Stock Exchange, at la Vieille Bourse

In the past the Old Stock Exchange at la Vieille Bourse was a trade place until the XIX century. Known for its beautiful and impressive architecture with golden archs, which you can truly appreciate in a peaceful morning.

Located in the heart of the city between “la Grande Place” and the theatre place, it is a perfect spot to go for a walk. At the heart of this building, you will find a lot of second-hand book sellers and classic vintage posters or comics. The people of Lille love to have a stroll in this area, to hunt some old books or look at the chess players who come to play regularly there. 

Location: Pl. du Général de Gaulle

Wazemmes Market

The Wazemmes Market is more than a tradition for people from Lille, like what “El Rastro” would be in Madrid – you simply cannot miss it. The market is available three times per week, but it is more lively on Sundays. 

The name gives away its location, the Wazemmes area is quite a popular and diverse district of Lille. Within the neighbourhood, you will find local home-made street food. We recommend you give the Lebanese falafel sandwiches a try!

Once you are at the Wazemmes market, to truly be a part of the French culture you will have to purchase a good piece of cheese – the Maroilles cheese, would be best, if you want to try a real local taste! Pair the cheese with a fresh, toasty baguette and have a sit in one of the numerous terraces that surround the market place. It is important to note that on Sundays, the majority of bars within the market accept food from outside, provided that you order at least something to drink!

Location: Pl. Nouvelle Aventure

Saint Sauveur Station

A mere 11 minute walk away from our Saint So’ Coliving is the Saint Sauveur Station. In the past it was a trade station, however, it was renovated by the municipality into what it is today. You will find many cultural events that are constantly changing every week from Wednesday – Sunday, including live concerts, exhibitions, art galleries, and more. Thursday nights are the best day to come as they always make sure they put on a good event to get you ready for the weekend. 

If you get thirsty from the cultural acts, we recommend you visit Bistrot Saint So’ which is located in the main building.

Location: Gare Saint Sauveur, 17 Bd Jean-Baptiste Lebas

Climb to the Top of the Belfry

A Beffroi (bell tower) is very typical to see in the North of France. Luckily, the one in Lille allows you to have a great 360° view of the whole town.  It is a UNESCO heritage site and recognised as the highest beffroi of Europe. It is a bit of a climb, but once you surpass the 104m climb, you will surely be proud of yourself. To do this climb, it costs 7,50€ per person for the entrance ticket. 

Location: Beffroi de Lille, Pl. Simon Vollant

Have a walk along the Deûle’s edges

La Deûle is a canal that passes through Lille and continues along all the way until it reaches Belgium. It is approximately 25km round-trip from Lille to the Belgium border. To enjoy the edges of the local canal, we recommend you take a local electric bike and ride alongside it.

The best spot to have a break would be at a typical “guinguette”: (Today, the term ‘guinguette’ is still used for a waterside refreshment stand, particularly open-air, all over France) La Marquette at Saint André lez Lille to enjoy a nice refreshing drink.

Location: Canal de la Deûle

Go to a play at Sebastopol Theater

Do you enjoy theatre? The Sebastopol Theatre located in the city center was built in 1903 and is a beautiful sight to see. There you can easily choose from plenty of events including; concerts, plays, one-man shows and interesting International conferences. 

Location: Pl. Sébastopol

Go for a stroll at the Citadel of Lille

La Citadelle is a unique pentagonal military work built by the famous Vauban. Located in the edge of la Deule, you can rent a canoe or a boat to have a stroll along the canal. If you enjoying going for runs, this is the place to visit! 

Known as the perfect place in Lille to hangout, go for a walk or even have a nice picnic with friends from your new coliving.

Location: Avenue du 43e régiment d’infanterie

Visit the Zoological Gardens of Lille

The Zoological Gardens are located inside the Citadelle area. There you will find a large variety of animals that are cared for. The entrance is free if you have the Pass Lille & Moi (check out our other article to get that pass), if not it would be 4,50€ to get in.  

The Gardens are very crowded during weekends. However, if you have time during the weekdays and want to feel far from the city, it is a very peaceful place to go. 

Location: Av. Mathias Delobel

Visiter the Equatorial Greenhouse

Sometimes it’s good to get away, and more often than not people go to green spaces to feel this sense of relief. The Equatorial Greenhouse is most likely one of the best places in Lille to feel disconnected from the reality. Remarkably it is only a 13 minute walk away from our Coliving in Saint So’. 

You can enjoy the tropical trees, flowers and rose gardens for free. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Friday from 10 AM to 17:30, Saturday from 10 AM to 16:30. 

Location: 306 Rue du Jardin des Plantes

Support the Local Soccer Team 

The LOSC (Lille Olympique Sporting Club) is the local football club, very popular in Lille. For this reason, we recommend you not say you are a fan of PSG in any bar within the city! 

You should visit the Pierre Mauroy stadium in Villeneuve d’Ascq to see a soccer match. The Stadium is extremely impressive and can seat 50.000 people. If your not into soccer, you will most likely be able to see it when you go to a concert there! 

Location: 261 Bd de Tournai


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