We are proud to announce that Urban Campus Ayora Valencia has been certified as a new BREEAM construction. This marks our second coliving to receive BREEAM certification during the design phase, with Urban Campus Mellado Madrid Coliving obtaining the first BREEAM in-use certification.

What is BREEAM and why is it important?

BREEAM, which stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, is a certification program that assesses the sustainability of buildings.
The BREEAM certification process evaluates a building’s performance in several categories: 

management, health and well-being, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, ecological land use, pollution, and innovation. The assessment is based on a set of criteria and standards that are regularly updated to reflect changes in best practices and technological advancements.

The BREEAM certification process is rigorous and involves several steps. First, a building is assessed against the BREEAM criteria and receives a score in each category. The scores are then used to determine the overall BREEAM rating of the building, which ranges from “Pass” to “Outstanding”. Buildings that receive a BREEAM rating of “Good” or above are considered sustainable and environmentally friendly.

There are several benefits to obtaining BREEAM certification. For one, it can help building owners and managers reduce their environmental impact resulting in saving money on operating costs. By improving energy efficiency, reducing water consumption, and using sustainable materials, buildings can become more efficient and cost-effective to operate.

Ayora Valencia Coliving Behind the BREEAM Certification 

Ayora Coliving has always been in mind to be the first sustainable coliving in the Valencian community, but receiving the official certification has made it a reality for our capital managers White Investing, our investors Batipart Immobilier Europe, and our team at Urban Campus as operators. 

Throughout the design phase, we prioritized building sustainability in all aspects of the project. Our collaborative effort involved several teams working together from construction to implementation to ensure that the building met our sustainability goals.

Prior to accepting new tenants into Ayora Coliving, we will be installing comprehensive technology as a method of measuring and monitoring the environmental performance of the building once operational. This is to ensure there is no overconsumption, and emissions are reduced with the help of power meters. 

We take pride in knowing that everything was thought through from the beginning of construction to ensure that Ayora Coliving met BREEAM standards. This certification not only validates our efforts but also encourages us to continue building environmentally-friendly spaces for the benefit of our occupants and the community.



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Renata Primorac


Renata is our Social Media and Content Manager.