You have just arrived to Lille, one of the major cities in Northern France and you recently moved into your new apartment with Urban Campus in Saint So’  – it is time to get settled. We have prepared a guide for your move-in to go as smoothly as possible and for you to have the opportunity to become a real Lillois!

Public Transportation 

Lille has a very good public transport network: with two metro lines that has two colors, and only two numbers: M1 (yellow) and M2 (red) you really cannot mess it up. It is definitely a much easier network to master than the one in Paris or London!

The city also has an electric tramway which allows you to go to the neighboring towns such as Roubaix and Tourcoing. Another option may be to take the Transport Express Régional known as TER for a faster option. There are also several bus lines to cover the whole Lille Metropole (MEL) as well as a fleet of self-service bicycles (V’Lille) available. 

To take advantage of moving throughout the Hauts-de-France region via the metro and bus lines you will need a “Pass Pass” card (known as the subscription card), which will allow you to travel freely on the entire public transport network and be able to leave for the North Sea in less than an hour!

When you first arrive to Lille, it may be best to go to your nearest metro stop and buy a “Pass Ticket” which is purchased for occasional use. This ticket will be provided to you on the spot and you can load different types of trips according to your needs:

  • Ticket ZAP – valid for a trip of 3 metro stations only: 1,15€.
  • Ticket 1h – Allows you to travel at will on all modes of transport (except V’Lille): 1,80€.
  • Booklet of 10 unit trips 1h – 15,40€.

It is important to know that you do not need one card per person. In Lille, you are allowed to travel with your friends and family by loading their tickets on your personal card.

If you are going to stay in Lille longer, we recommend getting an official “Pass Pass” card which costs a one-time fee of 4€ to obtain. Then you can recharge it with 2 types of subscriptions: “Monthly” at 62€ per month, or “Annual” at 648€ total, which implies a savings of 8€ /month (meaning 54€ per month).

You can only get a Pass Pass card online via Ilévia website. In order to do this, you will first have to create a “Personal Space” before applying for a card. Then you will be asked to fill out a membership form and provide a valid ID (National ID card, passport, resident card), as well as a passport-size photo. It takes approximately one week for the card to arrive to your home. If you have the opportunity to go to a physical information point in the city with all the information needed above, you will receive your transport card right away!

It is important to remember that your “Pass Pass” card can be used for the metro, bus, and tramway, as well as the self-service bicycles (V’Lille). If you only have the “Pass Ticket” you are able to use it for the tramway and metro as many times as the ticket you purchased allows you. 

Change of Address

If you are going to be living in our Saint So’ Lille Coliving you will have your own personal mailbox. Make sure to take advantage of it and consider changing the address of your bank, taxes, health insurance, and any other organization that may send you mail.

Cancel your Home Insurance (France only)

At Urban Campus, you benefit from the home insurance included in your rent. Therefore, remember to inform your insurer of your move and ask for the cancellation of the insurance contract of your former accommodation in time, to avoid the risk of paying twice for the same service!

The information on this blog is subject to change, so please check the official government and city websites for any updates.

Louise de Bures

Louise is our Coliving Residence Manager.