Get Your Spoons Ready for La Louche d’Or 2023: The Ultimate Soup Festival in France is almost here!

If you are a soup lover, you will not want to miss La Louche d’Or 2023! This annual event takes place in Lille and brings together food enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the deliciousness of this classic dish.

La Louche d’Or has been running for over a decade now and has become a popular event on the French culinary calendar. It is a celebration of all things soup, from classic French soups like onion soup and bouillabaisse to international favorites like ramen and pho.

The event is organised by Attacafa, an association that promotes multi-cultural and richness of diversity. An extra and nice feature of this event is the fact that its designed to sensibilize the reduction of waste – the concept being, making a delicious soup with leftovers or ripe vegetables. Which we think is a very cool and conscious initiative! 

The Wazemmes District is where this huge event will take place, on May 1st 2023. You will be able to find cooking demonstrations from top chefs, workshops on making your own soup at home, and of course, plenty of opportunities to taste a variety of soups from different regions.

One of the highlights of La Louche d’Or is the soup competition. Chefs from around the world compete to create the best soup, and the winner is awarded the coveted La Louche d’Or trophy. The competition is fierce, and the soups on offer are always very unique!

Don’t want to spend all day eating soup? Don’t worry, there are also plenty of other food and drink options at the festival. You can try local cheeses, cured meats, and bread to accompany your soup, or indulge in a glass of wine or beer from the area. You will be able to enjoy all of this while watching free concerts, local artists and other activities. 

One of the main draws of La Louche d’Or is its friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The festival attracts a diverse crowd of people, from families to you and your very own colivers from Urban Campus Saint So’ Lille Coliving!

If you are planning to attend La Louche d’Or 2023, be sure to come hungry and thirsty! And as crazy as this sounds, we recommend even bringing your own spoon. You will want to sample as many soups as possible, and having your own spoon ensures you can do so without wasting plastic cutlery (#besustainable). 

We hope you have a blast at the event, and maybe even learn a recipe or two for you to be able to share with your fellow colivers! 


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Renata Primorac

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