The best things to do in the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood (belonging to the district of Tetuán) focusing on Ponzano and Azca, is known for being in one of the most diversified locations in the city. If you are looking to move into the area and to our brand new coliving in Calle Topete, here are some of our best recommendations to better enjoy your new neighborhood.

Calle Ponzano
You will have to remember this, it is one of the most well-known trendy streets of Madrid, Pozano is only a mere 10-minute walk from our Cuatro Caminos Madrid Coliving.

It is here where you will be doing the act of “Tapeo” – to go around the bars drinking and eating snacks and “Tardeo” – meeting up with friends to catch up for some drinks before dusk – both are definitely the most active Spanish pass times we have in Madrid. It is called the “gastro-cool” street in Madrid and even has its own hashtag #ponzaning. Therefore, it is a foodie’s place to be due to its wide array of options. There is always something happening in the late hours, any day of the week. 

Where to eat in Ponzano: 

Claxon Bar

If you are looking for impeccable service, juicy yet crispy torreznos (fried bacon bites), and great ambiance this is the place for you. Claxon Bar serves typical Spanish dishes with an innovative touch. The bar is quite small, but that is what makes it so unique. 

Sala de Despiece

A restaurant that serves its meals differently. After ordering, the waiters will bring your meal to the table and prepare it in front of you for the ultimate experience. The lovely staff at Sala de Despiece take the time to explain each ingredient and complete the plating perfectly. It is a bit more expensive than other restaurants on the street, however, you will not get a service like this anywhere in Madrid. 

Location:  C. de Ponzano, 11

Toque de Sal 

With its elegant surroundings, Toque de Sal suits many tastes. Described to have the authentic Madrid atmosphere that everyone is looking for. The steak tartar, along with the duck confit rolls are their main highlight. The restaurant is again very small, as is its terrace but very cozy. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 46

La Máquina Chamberí

A friendly place to be, La Máquina Chamberí is known for its homemade croquetas and great energy. Their portions are very generous considering their meal are mainly tapas. They offer a true Spanish ambiance that everyone can appreciate. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 41

To go out in Ponzano: 


Elegant restaurant by day, secret club by night. Enjoy a spectacular dinner show before midnight and then stay for the party until the late hours. Marabú is a very creative place to be, with different shows every night and two bars available meaning it will surely be a night to remember. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 37


Papaya Destilados Artesanales

Papaya Destilados has every flavor of gin you can possibly think of. Their collection may intrigue people to visit their space, but it is the craft of the bartenders that will keep them coming back. If you are open to trying new drinks, let your server know, and get ready to enjoy a spectacular spirit. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 32

La Lianta 

The name says it all, La Lianta is the perfect spot to start off your Friday or Saturday night with a good group of friends. We recommend going at the beginning of the night simply because it can get very busy, but that is what makes it so lively. The decor is on point, it will definitely become your typical go-to spot for an ‘after’ in Ponzano. 

Location: C. de Ponzano, 10

Azca is known as the financial district of Madrid, located in the north of the city, only a 15-minute walk from our new coliving. There are establishments of all types in the area, from boutiques, and restaurants, to clubs for the best “after work” spots.

Where to eat in Azca

D Cool 

A chic restaurant with a lot of personality. D Cool’s main protagonists are their ingredients. Looking for a dish you know you can enjoy? Try their Crispy Artichoke Chips with Alioli Emulsion, they will leave you wanting more. 

Location: Calle de Modesto Lafuente, 82

El Capataz

El Capataz is a hidden non-touristy spot of Azca with a beautiful entrance that will surely grasp your attention. Known for their delicious typical Spanish breakfast,  the quality of their service, as well as the staff’s attention to detail – you will appreciate the price for the overall value and experience. 

Location: C. de Orense, 10, 12 bajos

Where to go out in Azca


If it’s Thursday and you just finished work, this is the place to be. Bicai has great atmosphere, music, and people of all industries are there to let loose and get ready for the weekend. If you stay close to the right side of the main bar, you will be located near the main kitchen, where appetizers are served fresh for all who attend – a prime spot if you have not yet had dinner. 

Location:  Pl. de Carlos Trías Bertrán, s / n

Posh Club

There is always a line, but that’s what makes it the place to go in the Azca neighborhood. It is very important you have correct legal documentation as they take it very seriously prior to entering Posh Club. They do have a dress code as well so it’s time to get fancy! It usually starts to get busy around 12 – 1 AM and the music is always the best hits. Do not worry, the drinks are priced very well considering the location. It is also important to mention that the staff such as the doormen and bartenders are always very kind. 

Location: C. de Orense, 18

Do you have more recommendations in Cuatro Caminos? Share them with us! 


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