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Urban Campus is redefining the way we live together in cities. Our coliving and coworking spaces host an inspiring community of curious minds!

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Meet Juan, a very special one, as he was one of our first coworkers at Urban Campus Jerónimo! Juan is part of Shadow Robot, a company that builds Robotic Hands which have been used by NASA on a Mars mission! Want to know more? Watch his video!

Meet Teresa, a resident who traveled the world for 4 years and decided to settle back in Madrid. She joined Urban Campus Mellado coliving, to push her project on how to create a minimalist lifestyle! She also works as a Senior Marketing Manager on the Pharma industry, and on top of that, she is always helping other residents on their Marketing projects!


Meet Jesús Javier, a resident who moved to Spain to kickstart his career in the gastronomy industry and founded Graneo, Pullum and other brands at our Foodlab, a dedicated coworking for gastro entrepreneurs with a professional kitchen! Curious about our Foodlab? Watch his full story!


Meet Pierre, one of our coworkers at Jerónimo Madrid Coworking and Transparent CEO and cofounder. Transparent, gathers millions of data on the short-term rental market and provides it to its global clients, so they can make better decisions! Watch his story!


Meet Alejandro, a resident who moved to Madrid to become a TV host and developed his Late Night Show at Urban Campus Mellado coliving! Watch his full story and follow him on Instagram (@sahukiller) where he publishes a motivational video every day!


Urban Campus is expanding its existing campus in the center of Madrid with the forthcoming opening in February 2018 of a foodlab located 150m away from the Mercado San Miguel.

Our foodlab is designed to allow food entrepreneurs to develop, test and present their talents and creations. Urban Campus’ community will have privileged access to the foodlab and contribute their own tastes, skills and expertise.

Ludovic Theroude – Project Manager

Created in partnership with Eatable Adventures, a leading incubator, it will become a focal point for Madrid’s thriving culinary scene and Spanish food industry.

Urban Campus operates spaces and animates communities. Our integrated approach and technology allows us to offer unique experiences for our “community of curious people”. Clearly, people want more than just a place to work or to sleep. They want to be able to socialize, play, enjoy, create and develop their personal and professional projects. We continue to develop new campuses in the main European cities with leading partners and unique content providers.

Maxime ArmandCOO

Urban Campus to operate 11000 m2 coliving in Antonypole.

Urban Campus is a member of the consortium led by Linkcity (Bouygues Construction) that won the right to re-develop the industrial zone of Antonypole (Ile-de-France). Antonypole is part of France’s largest scientific and technological hub with a unique concentration of world-class engineering schools, research labs and incubators.

“The city of Antony perfectly understands that emerging space usages require the construction of people-centric buildings with dynamic community management. This is exactly what Urban Campus does.”

Maxime Armand – COO

Urban Campus will operate an 11,000 m2 campus with co-living (170 studios), co-working and a variety of F&B/social spaces open to the neighborhood.

It will also house a 3,000 m2 incubator managed by Creative Valley. Urban Campus will develop a series of events, workshops and activities for its “community of curious minds”. The campus, designed by Clément Blanchet Architecture, will be financed and owned by one of France’s most prestigious institutional investors.

“Winning this competition is a new milestone in Urban Campus’ development. It establishes our campuses as an attractive real estate asset class for institutional investors who understand that societal and technology trends are fundamentally disrupting the industry.”

John van Oost – CEO

With a portfolio of more than 155,000 residential units housing 230,000 people, Batigere is one of Europe’s largest and most active real estate investors. John van Oost was invited to present the Urban Campus’ concept and discuss the impact of societal changes on the necessary transformation of existing real estate portfolios.

John van Oost participated to a discussion panel on the digital transformation of the real estate industry and the emergence of new space usages such as co-working and co-living.
The conference was organized by the alumni association of the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.
With more than 300 participants, the event demonstrated the significant interest in these topics which are at the core of what Urban Campus does.